Our Story

For the Love of the Game

GOTTAGOLF by ALFRED LAURENCE is a Lifestyle & Performance Headwear Company Expressing the Passion for the Game

Almost everyone who has played the game has felt the desire to want to play golf as much as they can, playing or practicing any chance they get, and taking “Air-Swings” at home, in the office, or out and about.  It could be because of the challenge, the companionship, the fun, or being outdoors – whatever the reason, there is an excitement to play!

GottaGolf® Originally started in 1997 by two friends that played on their high school golf team together in San Diego, California years earlier.  Their high school home course was Torrey Pines in La Jolla California and the long-time high school golf coach was Chuck Perpich, a teacher, coach, and golf enthusiast.  Coach Perpich passed away in 2003 after many years of coaching, there is a monument plaque dedicated to him and mounted to the bench currently next to the South Course putting green at Torrey Pines.

In 1997 a trademark application was submitted to the USPTO and as it was pending we began to sell headwear, shirts, and outerwear to golf shops and golf courses in San Diego and Southern California.  The first golf course was Mt. Woodson Country Club, then Stadium Golf Center, Rancho Bernardo Inn, and others that included: Aviara Golf Academy, La Costa Resort and Spa, Encinitas Ranch, Temecula Creek Inn, Twin Oaks GC, Steele Canyon, Sea’ n Air GC, Admiral Baker GC, Carlton Oaks GC, Pala Mesa Resort, The Legacy and Angel Park GC in Las Vegas NV, Blacklake Resort in Napomo CA, Mesquite Golf Club in Palm Springs, and many more.  The GottaGolf® product was selling next to some of the big names in golf like Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Ashworth, Polo, and Cutter & Buck – it was simple and direct, everyone understood what it meant, they found that golfers bought the quality product because the name resonated with them, and non-golfers bought the headwear and apparel as a gift because they understood it.  Because of its catchy phrase, it was a growing name in the Southern California market.


After being in the market a couple of years, the trademark of the words Gotta Golf® were awarded to another applicant, ironically there were several applications submitted for the same trademark name within months of each other, however to our knowledge we were the only one utilizing the name with products being sold in the market.  We tried to buy the name, however the registered owner was asking more than we could afford, because of this operations ceased.  Above is the original mark.

Years later, we revisited the trademark and found the status of the name was dead, which meant the name was available to be registered, we quickly applied for the trademark not knowing if he was going to act upon it in the future.  It was more of a fun thing to do as golf is still part of family life.  The mark was approved by the USPTO in 2015.

GOTTAGOLF by ALFRED LAURENCE is a vision of embracing this message through lifestyle and performance headwear for those who love the game. Because we know you GottaGolf®, our vision is to offer a collection of styles embracing the name GOTTAGOLF® in a cool way that can be worn anywhere in a relaxed environment such as casual family gatherings, vacations, working out, hiking, or a walk on the beach.

The name behind gottagolf® is Alfred Laurence of which you see on the label, every premium hat, t-shirt, or accessory is designed to inspire and express the wearers love of the game.  GottaGolf by Alfred Laurence is a quality brand that has created some of the best fitting headwear on the market and offers lightweight, breathable, UV and moisture wicking materials for our fashionably fitted products.

Thanks for taking the time to read about GOTTAGOLF by ALFRED LAURENCE, and we hope you browse our website to shop.

If you are a green grass golf shop or golf retailer and would like to know how you can have GOTTAGOLF in your shop, please give us a call at 858-500-6965.